Copyright Shutterstock. Used under licence (shutterstock_63632392)The Innovation Support Centre at UKOLN includes provision of support for the JISC Research Information Management (RIM) Programme. In consultation with JISC and the UK RIM community UKOLN produces a range of reports and documentation, including supporting materials for JISC calls for proposals, CERIF introductory resources, project syntheses and CERIF-CRIS ‘landscape’ studies. Meetings and workshops have taken place e.g. following on from the EXRI-UK report, UKOLN organised a series of workshops in 2010 on CERIF and metadata alignment across UK organisations; in 2012 two workshops have been held, one in conjunction with euroCRIS.

UKOLN is a member of the RIM Group of experts organised by JISC and presents regular reports to meetings. At an international level UKOLN participates in euroCRIS, the standards body responsible for CERIF and has worked with euroCRIS to organise task group meetings in Bath in February 2012.

UKOLN and JISC infoNet provide programme support for all of the JISC projects funded as part of the JISC’s Research Information Management activity. Projects have been funded in three phases, with a fourth currently getting underway (JISC Grant Funding 16/11). JISC infoNet primarily focuses on the business requirements for RIM, UKOLN on CERIF and data harmonisation needs. UKOLN produces briefing documents on CERIF, data harmonisation, RIM ‘state of the art’ and other matters of interest to the sector. It also helps foster collaboration through meetings and workshops. Other advice is also available to the sector, for example from UCISA, the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) and from JISC services like the Repositories Support Project.

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The Innovation Support Centre is funded by the JISC, managed by UKOLN and hosted by the University of Bath.