Draft of TechWatch Report on Data-driven Infrastructure Available for Comments

The JISC Observatory service, provided by the ISC at UKOLN and JISC CETIS, is pleased to announce the publication of a preview version of the Preparing for Data-driven Infrastructure TechWatch report. This report, written by Max Hammond, provides an overview of key data-management concepts and approaches as well as practical tools available to Higher Education and Further Education.  This report can be used to help organisational planning and to inform data-management strategies.

Specifically, the report:

  • describes data-centric architectures;
  • gives some examples of how data is already shared between organisations and discusses this from a data-centric perspective;
  • introduces some of the key tools and technologies that can support data-centric architectures as well as some new models of data management, including opportunities to use “cloud” services;
  • concludes with a look at the direction of travel;
  • lists the sources cited in a References section.

A preview report is being made available for a period of two weeks (from 29 June to 16 July 2012) to allow for public comment and feedback. A final version, taking into account all feedback received, will be published in early August 2012.

The preview copy can be accessed from the JISC Observatory Web site.

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