Can LinkedIn and Enhance Access to Open Repositories? – the Video Summary

As described in a recent post, two papers on work which has been carried out by UKOLN ISC staff were presented at the Open Repositories 2012 conference: Open Metrics for Open Repositories by Brian Kelly, Nick Sheppard, Jenny Delasalle, Mark Dewey, Owen Stephens,Gareth Johnson and Stephanie Taylor and Can LinkedIn and Enhance Access to Open Repositories? by Brian Kelly and Jenny Delasalle.

The paper which asked Can LinkedIn and Enhance Access to Open Repositories? has  been summarised in a post on the UK Web Focus blog. At the OR 2012 conference itself this summary had to be given in the challenging context of 21 one-minute madness summaries. A video recording of the presentation, lasting 58 seconds, is available on Vimeo and a screenshot is illustrated below.

Note that you can also view the accompanying poster (in MS PowerPoint, PDF and TIFF formats) and a  slidecast (slides with accompanying audio) of a rehearsal of the presentation, which lasts for 4 minutes 47 seconds, which is  also available on Slideshare and embedded below.

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