OpenAIREplus and CERIF

The second OpenAIRE conference will be held at Göttingen State and University Library, 21-22 November 2012. As well as presenting results from the OpenAIRE project the programme will also ‘give insight into the OpenAIREplus project, which will link publications to research data, enabling seamless access to scientific knowledge’. euroCRIS is working with OpenAIREplus (via the Greek National Documentation Centre, EKT-NHRF) to align the OpenAIREplus data model with CERIF in areas where there is conceptual overlap. OpenAIREplus will support import and export of data to CERIF XML so that information in CRISs can be ingested into the OpenAIRE portal and CRISs can also use OpenAIREplus data in other applications. CERIF is able to represent the OpenAIREplus concept of ‘enhanced publications’, since it captures semantic relationships between multiple objects using ‘link entities’ (which include a temporal and role-based structure). Each component of an enhanced publication represented in CERIF can be assigned a unique ID.

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