Introduction: Natasha Bishop

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Natasha Bishop works as the Events and Marketing Manager within the ISC. She is responsible for the organisation of events within the ISC...

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Introduction: Mark Dewey

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Mark Dewey works as a Software Developer within the ISC with the bulk of his expertise in Java and web development. Recently Mark has moved...

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Introduction Mahendra Mahey

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Mahendra Mahey works as a Project Manager and Research Officer within the ISC. Mahendra’s main areas of work involves management of...

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Introduction: Talat Chaudhri

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Talat Chaudhri works as a research officer within the ISC. In this role, Talat’s primary responsibility is to develop the Technical...

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Introduction: Sally Lewis

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Sally Lewis is a member of the UKOLN ISC Executive and oversees the management and support of the ISC at UKOLN.

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Introduction: Richard Waller

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Richard Waller is based at UKOLN at the University of Bath and has worked principally on UKOLN’s electronic publications, serving as...

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