What is the ISC?

Copyright Shutterstock. Used under licence (shutterstock_65696086 )The ISC is the Innovation Support Centre.  It is a unit within UKOLN which has a remit to support JISC-funded innovation in Higher and Further Education within the UK.

How is the ISC funded?

The ISC is funded through a grant from the JISC.

When was the ISC established?

The ISC was set up in August 2011.

Why were such changes made?

The ISC was established to provide a dedicated unit responsible for supporting JISC activities.

How does the ISC relate to other groupings within UKOLN?

The ISC is a part of UKOLN. The recent restructuring of UKOLN also led to the establishment of the IRG (Informatics Research Group).  Staff who are members of the IRG will typically be involved in project-funded activities and will have a research focus to their work. In addition to these two units, UKOLN is also a partner in the DCC (Digital Curation Centre).

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The Innovation Support Centre is funded by the JISC, managed by UKOLN and hosted by the University of Bath.