Technical Innovation

At the UKOLN Innovation Support Centre we believe that to support technical innovation in the sector we need to maintain a healthy capacity to engage in technical development ourselves. We have a capable and innovative team of technical staff who engage in a range of research and development activities, especially in the context of software and systems development. Recent work has included the prototyping of web-services, experimenting with mining and visualising large aggregations of metadata, and the development of tools to aid in event amplification. You can read about these, and more, on the Developer Labs blog.
In support of these and other technical projects, we maintain our own on-site infrastructure of servers and software, as well as exploiting a range of remote services.

ISC people involved in this area

Emma Tonkin leads the ISC Technical Team team consisting of herself, Mark Dewey and Julian Cheal (with occasional input from Paul Walk).

Recent or significant outputs

  • A description of the RepUK prototype which aggregates ‘Open Access’ metadata from institutional repositories
  • The RepUK service itself
  • A list of blog posts about Project Sunflower – a project which tested the usability of eReader Hardware

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The Innovation Support Centre is funded by the JISC, managed by UKOLN and hosted by the University of Bath.